Article: Jack the Ripper summary

SARX has just published a short summary of our detailed academic article on Jack the Ripper. We will never know for certain, but it is highly likely Jack honed the physical skills, and the psychological and behavioural attributes employed on his victims to such devastating effect, during his employment as a slaughterhouse worker.

It may once have been necessary to kill other sentient creatures in order to survive. Such excuses no longer have any merit, and indeed, the modern business of animal slaughter profoundly harms the animals abused and killed, the workers required to kill them, and even their surrounding communities. It undeniably harms consumers whose health is damaged by overconsumption of animal products. It is clearly time to end our destructive social dependence on industrialised animal slaughter.

Presentations: Jack the Ripper and other topics

In July I'll be speaking on animal research, vegetarian companion animal diets, and Jack the Ripper, at the Australasian Animal Studies Association Conference in Adelaide - a great event in one of the sea and sunshine capitals of the world. Join us if you can!

Debate: UK election

After the Animal Welfare Party and others were barred from participating in a recent hustings event in Maidenhead, another has been organised by one of the barred candidates. If you’d like to hear what we think about fox hunting and a range of other social issues, please consider attending this hustings event in Maidenhead on Monday 5th June, 7.45pm - 10.15pm. I will be representing the Animal Welfare Party as our candidate in Prime Minister Theresa May’s constituency of Maidenhead (partly because she’s a fox hunting supporter!) Registration and further details are here.