Adventures: 2008

Knight A. Haunted castles and exploding lungs. Vet Practice 2008; 40(10): 6-7.
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Article about my 2008 trip to the 15th Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing, Linz, Austria. Discussed the limitations of animal models within biomedical research, the use of alternatives, and mechanisms for overcoming scientific resistance to them.

Knight A. Plunging underground in search of truth. Vet Practice 2008; 40(9): 10.
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Article about my 2008 trip to the Edinburgh Dungeon during my visit to the International Primatological Society 22nd Congress. Discussed the (lack of) merits of chimpanzee experimentation, and the extinction of primate species.

Knight A. CPD the hard way: the Canadian Rockies. Vet Practice 2008; 40(8): 6-7.
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Article about my adventures in the Canadian Rockies during my 2008 visit to the 29th World Veterinary Congress, Vancouver. Raises the issues of humane veterinary education, poor welfare standards of veterinarians, and contribution of animal agriculture to global warming and species loss.

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